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AGV Pista GP Carbon Helmet

This helmet has a smooth and round oval shape. The color is matte black, and the overall helmet has a texture to it that makes it appear more rugged. The visor is very large and it occupies a huge portion of the frontal space of the helmet.

Nexx XT1 Carbon Zero Helmet

This helmet has an intermediate oval shape. The color is a solid matte black that appears almost metallic in nature, and has very little luster. While the helmet is fairly round in terms of its shape and surface, it has its share of indentations and texture changes as well.

Sedici Strada Carbon Helmet

Simpson Ghost Bandit Carbon Fiber Helmet

This helmet has a somewhat rounded but also somewhat angular appearance, giving people the best of both worlds. The color is matte black. The surface of the helmet varies somewhat in terms of its texture, which will make it more interesting to many people visually.

Nexx XG100 Carbon Helmet

The XG100 carbon helmet by Nexx has that look of a vintage helmet with a little bit of class.

With superior shell strength, this classic looking helmet will not be damaged under the harshest conditions or accidents.

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